While you may have heard of the terms; SEO, PPC and Social Media before you start your campaign, there are some easy to implement things you can do to make it run smoothly. These can be applied to either scenario if you are planning on using in house services for your campaign or a third party agency to run it for you.

If you do go with an SEO Melbourne agency they will normally do these things as well so you are saving them time and yourself money. Results do take time so starting early sets you up for success as early as possible. Below we are going to explore the things that you should be implementing on your website to make sure that your digital marketing campaign runs smoothly.

Tracking codes and analytics set up

The first thing any digital marketing agency does when your start with their services is to set you up with Google Analytics. Analytics is the hub for your website with extensive information about the people who visit your website and what they interact with. If you have this set up a couple of months in advance it gives yourself and the agency a good idea of base number of visitors as well as areas that are performing well and those that need improvement.

Tracking codes are implemented into the <head> section of your website and just let you keep track of how many visitors you are getting and what pages they are interacting with. Analytics will ultimately be your measure of success and help you keep track of how you are performing.

Website layout

A very important factor for Search Engine Optimisation or even Pay-Per-Click is the layout of your website and how easy it is to navigate for both visitors and search engine algorithms. Your website is the first impression for visitors and potential clients so make it count. If a visitor can’t navigate your website they will more than likely leave before engaging and can leave you missing out on a new lead.

Additionally search engines have algorithms that crawl your website to find what it is all about and give you a ranking based on several other factors. If users can’t navigate it chances are the crawling bot can’t either and your ranking will be hindered consequently. It is highly recommended that you have your website analysed from a third party to highlight any areas that may be detrimental when you conduct your campaign.


When it comes to SEO content is king. Having content hosted on your website is an easy way to get multiple search terms to relate to your website. This includes updating current content on your website to include keywords of the search terms that you want to capture. You can have a good amount of content on your website without making it seem crowded as well so those who prefer minimalistic websites fear not.

Landing pages are also highly recommended before you start your campaign. These pages are what visitors essentially land on when searching for terms that you have included to capture. They should be informative, promote engagement and relate back to your main website. If you follow these simple tips you will be able to succeed with SEO in no time!