If you’re coming towards the end of your studies in human resources or have recently graduated you might be looking into gaining some relevant work experience. Below is an list of important reasons why HR internships are so worth it!


Hands-on experience

The best thing about a HR internship experience is that it gives students and recent graduates the opportunity to develop real working experience and competencies in their chosen field.

Whilst university is great for teaching students the theory behind their chosen fields, it is rarely the case that students enter the workforce with all the necessary practical skills they require to be ‘work ready’. In fact many students are completely unaware of exactly how an office operates and struggle in the beginning with daily office tasks.

HR internships offer students the opportunity to get a taste for the real working well and develop real skills in their chosen field, so that when they are ready to find a graduate role they are in a job-ready position. It is also great for their resumes and shows future employers that they are switched on and willing to find practical opportunities.

Good work experience can really set students apart from their peers and can be an attractive positive for recruiters.


Networking opportunities

HR internships are highly valuable because of the networking opportunities that they provide to students and recent graduates. One of the difficulties facing new job-seekers is trying to enter the job market with no contacts. Everyone knows that it’s not always necessarily about what you know, but rather who you know.

Experience with senior staff and industry professionals give students and graduates the opportunity to build relationships in their chosen industry with experienced human resource advisors. A good rapport with professional senior staff may one day lead to future job opportunities and professional recognition.

One of the best things that students and recent graduates can do for their career is make friends in their industry, not only can these people point them in the right direction but they also offer invaluable insight and guidance into the industry that simply cannot be duplicate din any school book.



Most programs will partner students and graduates with a buddy or a mentor, offering the opportunity for growth and develop. There is no better way to progress in the workplace and professional development than through one-on-one mentoring. Students are able to speak to professionals who have experienced it all in the past and can help them to grow in human resources and avoid any pitfalls.

Good mentors are often raised as a major factor in the success of great leaders, there’s no better way to learn than from someone who is in the place that you want to be.


Earning potential

A lot of HR internships are offered as paid opportunities. This is invaluable as it gives students and recent graduates the opportunity to save and contribute to the weekly budget whilst still studying.

Whilst the work experience is a great opportunity for students and graduates to build up their resumes and prepare for the working world, they also have a lot to contribute to the new workplace that they have joined.

Most work experience programs run for about 6-12 weeks and in that time students might have a lot to add to the chosen workplace, fair compensation is an important part of companies recognizing the mutual benefit of these programs.


Future opportunities

A lot of HR internships can lead to job offers down the road for students and graduates, either at the same company or at others who are impressed with the work experience, so it’s definitely worth pursuing!