Businesses invest a great amount of time and energy into marketing endeavours that attempt to catch the eye with the public.

Some projects are successful, others leave a lot to be desired and some do achieve results but off the back of a hefty bill.

Balloon arrangements are a tactic that offers a happy medium – providing a bright, light and colourful presentation aesthetic without blowing a hole in the budget of the organisation.

Here we will take a closer look at the benefits that come with this choice and outline how they can be best utilised to provide genuine return on investment.


For Grand Entrances

There are a variety of balloon arrangements that a business can tap into to offer a grand entrance for a shop front, general store or for promotional purposes. This can include an organic arch to provide a grapevine type presentation. An alternative to this would be a string of pearls to connect between one line to the next. Other brands decide on a thick packed archway that are utilized for weddings and high school dances, setting the agenda for a genuine party celebration type atmosphere. However which way it is utilised, these arrangements are ideal to make a grand entrance possible.


To Manage Marketing Cost

One of the tangible benefits of opting for balloon arrangements for businesses is being able to manage the marketing costs more stringently. When compared against other techniques for exposure ranging from newspaper and magazine adverts to billboards, business cards, radio spots and other offline ventures, this is a cost-effective solution where managers can dictate the terms. Production cost is low and the higher the quantity of the order, the lower the per unit rate will be for the brand.


Customising for Indoor or Outdoor Events

Another of the advantages of tapping into balloon arrangements for businesses is that they have the ability to customise the design to suit an indoor or an outdoor event. To ward off the potential for high winds, rain or extreme heat, there are helium and metallic categories that will prevent the need to shift the items from outdoors to indoors. Likewise for an indoor setting that wants to create that light and fun environment, there are foil or air-filled types that float freely in these spaces. Having the ability to maneuver between the two different landscapes is important.


For Quick Production Turnaround

It takes little more than one to two business days to have balloon arrangements designed, packaged, delivered and installed correctly on site. This is a tactic that is incredibly enticing for managers who might have to hold an event or a party at the last minute, mitigating against the need to invest dozens of hours and thousands of dollars in an expensive and timely project.


Customized for Brand Awareness

The notion of brand awareness might not be top of the agenda for companies that have more specific tasks at hand in the short-term, but balloon arrangements can help to drive home what an organisation stands for, represents and targets their products or services towards. These are items that can be customised to suit any need, from various colourings and fonts to logo inclusion, sizes and materials. When there are brands who want to convey a sense of family friendly fun or those that want to be ultra professional, there is variety in the choice.



There is all manner of ways in which these items can help a local business. Balloon arrangements look fantastic, they cost little to produce, can be obtained in quick time, placed anywhere and boosts brand awareness.