Anyone who has worked in an office environment will understand how chaotic it can be. Oftentimes, employees are trying to do multiple tasks at once, as well as discussing this with their colleagues. However, it can be incredibly frustrating when you are trying to complete a task and you keep getting interrupted. This is why busylight is a great option for the working environment. This is a colour coded system that allows colleagues to quickly and easily see if you are free to have a work based conversation or not. If you are still unsure about busylight technology, keep reading to find out six reasons why you should consider implementing it.


Alerts other of availability

The first, and possibly the most important reason why you should implement busylight in your office is simply because it alerts other of your availability. The colour coded light system provides signals to your co-workers so they are aware of your status. For example, it is possible to set a light to indicate to everyone that you are on a phone call and should not be disturbed, or another light to show that you are free to have a discussion. This system takes away the awkwardness and inconvenience of being interrupted, or interrupting someone while they are otherwise engaged.


busylightIncreases efficiency

It should come as no surprise that if employees are not being interrupted when they are dealing with another task, it will improve efficiency and productivity. Essentially, busylight has the ability to remove common workplace distractions, thus allowing employees to focus on their job. Increased efficiency has two main benefits: employees are happier because they can get their work completed in a timely manner and bigger profits for the business. Essentially, it benefits both the employee and the employer.


Improves satisfaction

It is important to remember that the customer is an essential part of any business, so therefore it is important to ensure that they are satisfied. Oftentimes, customers avoid calling businesses because they don’t want to wait on hold or have their phone call interrupted half way through. Although it may not seem like a big problem, this can result in financial losses for the company. If a customer is aware that a certain business implements busylight software, they are more likely to call. This is mainly because they feel secure knowing that whilst they are on the phone, the employee will be completely focused on them. This results in improved customer satisfaction, which will lead to larger profits.


Easy to implement

There are several different types of busylight, and the type you choose will depend on your working environment. However, there is a system appropriate for almost any office organisation system. It is important to note, though, that all options are incredibly easy to install in any office. Some models are able to support themselves, whilst others can be stuck to either a laptop or a desk; there are even models with a long cord that can be attached to the top of a cubicle. This ensures that regardless of your office set up, you will be able to place the device in a visible location.



One of the best things about busylight is that it is completely customisable. There is no set way in which you are supposed to use the device. The system offers a range of different colours that can be co-ordinated to mean different things. Essentially, it can fit in with any current colour codes your office may have in place.



Busylight is so effective because it allows an entire department or office building to function under the same rules and principles. This makes it much easier to create a feeling of unity between departments.